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all here. all fox. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: just 12 days from now until voters head to the polls. romney focusing today on the battleground of ohio, while president obama hit three more swing states. what are the candidates' strategies for the final stretch? karl rove on romney's approach. >> indict president bam become's record using his own words and standards and do in zo in sorrow, not in anger. disappointment, not malice. second of all, talk about that he has a plan to help the middle class. the final element is accentuate he was a republican governor in a heavily democrat state. >> dana: karl on obama's campaign strategy. >> frankly, they have not offered a plan for the second term.
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they took his convention speech, boiled it -- bumped it up to 20-page pamphlet and handed it out as a plan for the future. the second element of the strategy, attack romney. say, they got three ads up running now. on the stump and in their ads and commentary, they'll depict romney as a liar. this is really difficult to do. dangerous for a president to do. unpresidential, and it's difficult to do when your opponent has higher favorable ratings than you do. >> dana: take a look at the front page at the "des moines register" today. this is a paper in iowa, one of battleground states with president obama, slightly ahead in the polls. the headline today, reads obama sharpens criticism and governor romney reads "romney expresses optimism." that is not the editorial beige. earlier in week there was a small flap whether or not an interview that obama did on the phone with the editorial board would be on the record or not. the white house said no. paper complained.
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the paper signaled they would love to reveal the interview because it was so insightful and brilliant. all of a sudden, the white house released the interview. tell me about iowa and your thoughts on carl's thoughts on the strategy. >> bob: carl's thoughts on iowa, his general thoughts, if you continue in iowa is probably right. they're good headlines for romney in the state of iowa. iowa is not a state that goes big on negatives. and so, i think that probably make sense. let's keep in mind in 2000, karl rove's strategy was to express optimism and express they were winning and had momentum. express they were way out in front. in fact, they went to california and campaigned for a couple of days. thought they were going to get 330 plus electoral votes and we know what happened in 2000. it's an old strategy not a new one. it's one that is frankly a little bit shallow unless you have something behind it. >> dana: what about the economic numbers in the states where they were campaigning today? iowa and then you had the
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other swing ones. yesterday, we talked about the unemployment rates and those ones. the trajectory for iowa has been good. down from where it was. unemployment rate is up. >> eric: up from when president obama took office. higher than the national average. president obama's strategy now is, you know, calling romney names. romneysia. big bird. binders. i have a name. came up with a name. called obamanoma. we're in stage four obamanoma now. the similar toes are joblessness, despair, dependency, homelessness, desire to hang out with celebrities. >> dana: we're going to see if we can get that in to the thesaurus for later on. >> bob: obamanoma? >> eric: you know, like carcinoma or -- >> dana: i don't think we should compare either of them to cancer, really, probably not. this election has been a cancer on some people. i'm trying, greg.
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>> eric: good. thank you. >> dana: kimberly we're all political junkies. a lot of the viewers are political junkies. >> greg: some of us are just junkies. >> dana: i wanted to ask that. is politics like taking drugs? today is quiet on the campaign trail. all of us what are they doing? what is the headline? >> kimberly: what is going on? is there time for october surprise? this is an accurate state of what is going on in the race. you are seeing obama get out the knives. sharping up the criticism. he has to do something. we have seen a pivot back to tactics he was using earlier in the campaign when he enjoyed success. which is going on the offensive. go after bain capital and scare the heck out of women in america. make romney the big, bad boogie guy to take away women's rights and strip away roe v. wade. he has to avoid that. that is why he gave obama a bear hug in the debate to say look, we're not so different
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on those issues but stand alone, stand separate on the economy. >> dana: strange, because a lot of what obama is talking about, we call this a closing argument. the arguments have not been working for him. >> then at 8:30 and then at 9:00. >> dana: here he is, the president live in chicago, illinois, about to cast his vote for another four years in the white house. he is actually making history today as the first sitting president to vote early. i don't see him yet. >> greg: i also coined a phrase. >> dana: where is he? >> greg: we have been talking about momentum. we are talking about
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momentum -- >> eric: that is not the first lady in blue dress there either. >> greg: i have a word. romentum. i took the "r" from romney to put on momentum. that's clever. you don't see hemmer doing that. he doesn't have power. >> bob: you don't see most people doing that. it's true that coming out and attacking romney on the road but running three positive obama spots in all the swing states. it's a smart thing to do. they're positive, not negative at all. he is playing it two ways. that makes sense. >> dana: is there a time to turn anything around? is there time for october surprise from either campaign >> bob: if you did something about libya but it would be late and suspect if they did it. right now, one thing depending on, very confident in chicago, they're confident the ground game is worth two or three points. i think they are probably right. if it's as good as they say it
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is, they're right. >> eric: i think there is an october surprise. next friday when the unemployment number comes out, it will be a surprise one way or the other. either going to be very good, if it's 7.5% ; probably president obama sails through. >> dana: if you are a conspiracy theorist, it's not a surprise at all. >> eric: we did it on "fox & friends." i think books are cooked. >> bob: that is the next segment. >> dana: one other thing, pew found that one of the most important things in this is the enthusiasm gap. "gap" meaning how enthusiastic are the voters? are they going to come out and vote for you? democrats have been stuck around 66%. republicans went way up to 73%. and if you are talking -- if turnout is the only thing that matters that looks good for republicans. their favor. that's something people struggle with. get the enthusiasm and momentum. get people energized. we talk about it earlier about the young people, the young conservatives, the
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republicans, really getting involved. we witnessed it all. at the convention. when we saw so many people volunteering. so that is definitely in romney's favor, but bob is 100% right. if anybody has got fantastic get out the vote effort to turn out the voters it is obama and his campaign. >> dana: what do you think about early voting? do you think it's a good idea? president obama is about to vote for himself here. you can understand why. he will be busy. swing states on that day of election day. are you very early voting or has it gotten out of control? >> bob: it's fine 306789 30 states. you don't want it as far out as some have it, 30, 45 days. but three weeks makes sense. i'm going to vote on saturday. i know my vote is a big secre secret. nonetheless, in maryland, we vote early. if you can. often if you can. i think the ground game piece of this thing is really important. the enthusiasm thing, i'll say this, democrats come late to enthusiasm game. 2008 was an exception.
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generally in presidential campaigns, the democrats come in late. >> dana: this is an interesting thing. you wrote down something i will bring up. >> eric: i noticed on the ad spending, the spending over the last couple of days, has shifted to wisconsin. there has been a lot of money moving to wisconsin. apparently, you know, it had been obama state for a long time and has become in-play state. real has it 2% to obama. but there is a reason why both campaigns are moving back to wisconsin spending a lot of money. it's closer. >> dana: do you think it what to do with paul ryan as choice of the v.p.? >> greg: probably. i'm more upset that obama supported the detroit tigers in the world series. could it be that detroit is in a swing state? perhaps. >> kimberly: giants! >> greg: i told tina the giants won and she was terrified. it explained they're not real giants, dana. it brought up something -- it's a team. not big giant people over
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5'6". "new york times" reporter tweeted about the race saying it was like watching the 2008 race in reverse. that would be for thepedia. because they're watching their guy who was ascending decrepitting. however it's not in -- ascending, descending. but however it's not in reverse. except for mitt is hope and change. the momentum you saw four years ago. >> kimberly: romentum. >> bob: romney picked up some, say, three to four points since the first debate. obama hasn't descended. he's where he has been. >> eric: do you not think that is a problem? >> kimberly: why is the gap tighter with women? favorability -- >> bob: well, keep something in mind. republicans tend to win men much bigger than the numbers show that romney is winning men. so, we haven't -- >> kimberly: i'll give you that point. >> dana: are you sure? >> bob: absolutely. >> dana: i know men. >> kimberly: my goodness. >> dana: see, president obama cast his ballot and --
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>> greg: you know why? >> dana: now, here he is. finally now, we've got president obama. >> greg: i don't know if that is him. >> dana: running 36 minutes late. we'll keep it on here to watch this. this is history being made. kimberly, i mean, any chance he wouldn't vote for himself? >> kimberly: well, i think it's pretty safe we know who he is voting for. >> eric: does he have to show an i.d.? i want to know if he is showing an i.d. >> greg: he doesn't have an i.d., eric. >> eric: the vote doesn't count. >> dana: for the rest of his life he will not show i.d. for anything. we show i.d. when we do everyday tasks. >> kimberly: how excited is this lady? >> greg: if you go to teddy bear village you show your idea. >> kimberly: this is fun. the press follows you. who are you voting for? i did it when i was the first lady. >> dana: the poll worker the lady to his left wearing the lavender, a very smart color choice today. i think she looks great. excited. >> bob: the first president
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to cast absentee vote? >> dana: canceling the absentee ballot. first to vote early for himself. >> greg: isn't it fitting that president is casting an absentee ballot? >> dana: why is that so president? >> greg: we'll be right back. >> dana: i guess we're going to keep talking. can someone pick this up? >> kimberly: somebody run the boat. >> bob: steal votes in chicago. long gone. they changed the machines and the procedures. you have can't do it anymore. real shame. >> greg: this looks like -- that's where i got married. >> dana: chicago? >> greg: i don't remember. it was years ago. >> eric: i want to see if there is a voting booth? >> dana: he will go behind. >> kimberly: going in the booth. dade this is rivetting television, everybody. do not change the channel. >> bob: he gets a ballot. he gets a bolt. given a ballot. democratic ballot. >> dana: taking his time.
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this is how i usually do it. >> kimberly: i thought there was no campaigning allowed at an election site. >> --ooks like -- >> greg: the next segment we're going to watch him shop. rivetting. >> kimberly: qvc. obama commemorative plates. >> dana: the campaign is in dire straits. cash on hand with the republican party and romney. the obama team, bob, is that a problem in the last 12 days? at this point does money not matter? >> bob: they're pretty close. romney campaign is $183 million. and i think obama has $177 million. >> kimberly: but look at the rnc, far outraising the dnc. what does that tell you about momentum? >> greg: romentum. >> dana: how would you spend $126 million in the next 12 days? >> bob: a lot of people hiring a lot of people to take people to the polls. getting people to volunteer to 10, 15, $20 pay for their
11:14 pm
lunch. >> dana: any chance that either campaigns run out of money? >> eric: no, i just like to say, what is taking him so long? >> dana: maybe he is thinking about it. >> kimberly: campaigning. >> eric: checking things off. >> dana: okay. >> bob: one things we haven't talked about, i know you are having a hard time getting riveted to this. but the mail played a big role in this campaign. it will increasingly in the next -- >> kimberly: direct mail. >> dana: m-a-i-l. >> bob: m-a-i-l. it will be targeted and in every swing state there will be tough mail. >> kimberly: bad picture of romney? impossible! >> bob: no. >> eric: my guess is that mitt romney, if he were to do the early voting thing, walk in and take the form, sign it, give it back and get in the booth. vote and get out of there and get back out on the trail.
11:15 pm
>> dana: there is one thing -- the thing is his press office were good at staging all of this. and i don't think he is following through on the plan. i think he is enjoying his moment and he is making -- making -- >> bob: he knows this is going right to "the five." >> dana: make her figure out how to -- >> kimberly: we can't keep this up. go straight to "special report." >> dana: can we get out of here? >> kimberly: yes. >> dana: good. coming up, paul ryan with a solution to fight poverty in america. this will be rivetting television as well. you won't want to miss it when we come back. >> many of those living in poverty today were in the middle class a few years ago. we can help them regain the ground they've lost. where they focus on growth all new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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>> eric: welcome back, everybody. there he is. president obama casting his vote for president of the united states, 2012. who knows who he is voting for. he and joe biden or mitt romney and paul ryan. there he is. casting the vote. right now. right now. there it is. explaining how -- >> bob: having trouble. >> kimberly: it's not easy. >> eric: press the button right there. yes, that one.
11:20 pm
right there. >> dana: i thought you aren't supposed to show anybody else. >> eric: hey, i heard he can only do seventh grade math or so. >> dana: why is this taking so long? weird. anyway. >> kimberly: and the guy sees how he is voting. >> bob: it's punch card ballot. >> eric: president obama, the man you saw voting, wants us to trust him. >> trust me. iowa, you know me. you know that i say what i mean and i mean what i say. trust matters. and florida, you know me. trust matters. nevada you know me by now. >> eric: trust you, sir? you know what? we can't trust you. you say you the defender of the middle class. really? how come the middle class is annihilated by your economics. you are printing money, handing it to the banks. guess who gets crushed? the poor. prices are skyrocketing. the middle class. no jobs. retirees on fixed income are broke. going back to work.
11:21 pm
even your friends in the unions, and pensions are sitting on a ticking time bomb of trillions in unfunded liabilities. he says trust him. >> dana: well, i think a lot of people across america are saying we have got to know you. we don't trust -- we trust that you, maybe you say what you mean. but let me give one example. in the debate on the sequestration piece. that's cuts in the defense bill from last year. president obama with the debate and romney sitting there, he says the cuts aren't happening. i didn't come up with them anyway. that is actually not true. romney knew president obama's position and policies better than president obama did. yet, you could hear a pin drop in the media. oh, yeah. he didn't really mean that. bob woodward in his cecent book -- recent book writes this is an idea from the white house and agreed to by the congress. but they haven't done anything to help prevent the defense cuts. >> eric: bob? >> bob: first, let me just
11:22 pm
say, in your introduction you said the price is skyrocketing. with the exception of gas, not true. >> eric: food, clothes. i'm going to get to that later. >> bob: let me get to a few facts. manufacturing increased jobs 27 straight months. housing better this month than it was four years ago. there are lower plans for unemployment this week than for the entire week. >> eric: no, no no. stop! there are 386,000 claims -- 369,000 claims. that is not lower. stop it. stop it. >> bob: wait a minute. >> kimberly: you sound like a dad. >> bob: you have to show me -- >> eric: the numbers are around -- bronc you arguing my manufacturing jobs? >> eric: i'll argue anything you want. this man has done nothing for the middle class. >> bob: 27 straight months of manufacturing. >> eric: bob, he put our money in pockets of wealthy fat cat bankers and wall street traders. that's where the money going. >> bob: are you arguing my 27 straight months of manufacturing jobs? >> eric: he is still on the
11:23 pm
hook for -- >> bob: also, our trade imbalance has come way down. retail sales are up. i don't know what -- you come up with all the stuff -- >> eric: from what? from a year ago, two years ago under his sit? presidency? >> kimberly: unless gas prices drop dramatically americans aren't going to see or feel a significant impact on their pocketbook, on their day-to-day lives. a big problem. he can't run on obama economy. because it's a failing grade. he has to pivot an do something else. i don't think he has any numbers to tout that will be meaningful to people. >> greg: he will pivot using language. that's how they work. but whenever they don't want to talk about terror, they change the name. in this case, as poverty increases we will start calling it manageable wealth. that's what it will be. you will see that way to talk about the antipoverty programs. the best way to create more poverty is an antipoverty
11:24 pm
program. the only antipoverty program that actually works is something called capitalism. which president obama seems to think is antiquated or irrelevant. >> kimberly: there are more food stamps now. increased that. >> eric: i'm going to talk about that in the "e" block. why food stamps skyrocketing. coming up, why didn't the u.s. military do more to save four americans in libya when it found out the consulate was under attack? leon panetta's answers are next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is steve.
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♪ hah ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: new today on the attack on the consulate in
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libya. the intelligence committee in the senate announced that isle hold hearings on the murder of four americans on september 11. one question that has gone unanswered since the attack why our military didn't come to the rescue after an alert was sent out that our mission was under attack? today, our defense secretary leon panetta tried to explain. >> basic principle is that you don't deploy forces in to harm's way without knowing what is going on. without having some real-time information about what is taking place. and as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, general ham, general dempsey, and i felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation. >> kimberly: i don't know how much more real-time they watch it in real-time. that is as much information as you need, plus people on the ground. yesterday, wait until next week. there will be a casualty.
11:30 pm
somebody will take the fall for this. what is the deal? this doesn't sound like a good excuse. >> eric: no. scary that even, what, 40 days past the event and they're still, still trying to figure out what happened. making excuses for not saving four, at least two, we know there were four hours difference between ambassador stevens and sean smith were killed. the other two gentlemen killed four hours later. they could have done something, got boots on the ground in the compound. maybe saved the two. this is more of the coverup. >> kimberly: what do you think? >> dana: well, on the november 15 hearing i think i saw that it is going to be closed door. we won't be able to see it. only read and hear about it later. from a good government standpoint good idea. one of the questions if you take what secretary panetta says, okay, if that's true, and you didn't have the information, one of the best
11:31 pm
questions is why didn't they know ahead of time? why was our intel, why didn't we catch it beforehand? that is a question all taxpayers deserve. sooner rather than later after the election. >> greg: wasn't a libya suspect in the attack killed in cairo? >> bob: today. >> greg: did the egyptians kill him? they must love the video. the drone caught a lot of this on tape. there is a film people should see or be interested in. not the other film. this will tell you everything. if you want explanations, the more you know is bogus and more storys than the empire state building and none of them make sense. the next 12 days in media especially you will see a game of hide-and-seek. we seek to find answers and they will hide them.
11:32 pm
>> kimberly: november 15. the president will be -- >> bob: you are coming up here with a conspiracy theory that doesn't exist. >> greg: who told you to say that, bob? >> bob: i don't know. a robotic thing in my brain. >> dana: do you have an'r an ear piece? >> bob: we didn't have intelligence on the ground. that said we couldn't put forces on the ground. taking a drone picture from up top of a chaotic situation like that is not intelligence. not a way for you to make a decision that is a serious decision to put the troops on the ground. the real question is would you save the people? the other question is did we know the suggestion that this was a preplanned attack is something that is very suspicious in my mind. they were terrorists and they did their terrorist attack. not sure that it did not occur on that date. it happens. >> eric: why weren't the embassies fortified prior.
11:33 pm
they were asking for help. if you apply the same standard of care for the ambassadors, and our people around the world, do you trust iran? >> bob: all the embassies asked for increased security. >> kimberly: but they had intelligence saying there was a higher threat level there. >> bob: so did cairo. >> greg: why did they push the video? that is the holy grail. >> kimberly: because they couldn't admit culpabilities and had cables and requests. >> bob: everybody did. >> kimberly: blood on their hands. >> bob: it was on facebook for god sake. what do you need? >> greg: the that is the first scandal. media is begouging on this like a tick if mccain were in office. >> bob: gorging like a tick? interesting metaphor.
11:34 pm
>> greg: thank you. >> bob: a lot of blood coming out? >> greg: yes. >> bob: i see. >> kimberly: that's it, bob. i'm sorry. an i thing. hollywood and president obama, and this time the magic of editing, wait until you hear what they are doing to a movie that will air two days before election day. greg's got it. >> greg: that's true. ♪ ♪ [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so you know that tv movie about killing bin laden which airs two days before the election? it's now redited to make the president's role more prominent. according to the "new york times," a paper, obama-backer
11:40 pm
weinstein who owns the rights to the film personally stepped in to help recut it and strength mr. obama's role. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> greg: w eveninstein and the director deny the changes are politically motivated. it called myself for a response. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! so, with obama in trouble, they reedit to give obama more credit. coincidence? yep. so is getting wet in the rain. we know he is running against obama but the hollywood arm of his own publicity machine. that is as clear as the nighties in kimberly's closet. it raises questions why can you politicize bin laden and not benghazi? obama takes credit for one and avoids responsibility for the other. what happens if this films triggers mob violence? will weinstein be arrested? he has been silent on the
11:41 pm
subject of free expression. the anti-muslim filmmaker sweats in jail. perhaps harvey could keep him company. heck, they could watch the movie together. kimberly? >> kimberly: ah-ha. >> greg: dana, you still get zero credit for killing bin laden or anything else for that matter. >> dana: i killed a bug once and a frog. never underestimate the obama team and their surrogates in hollywood. their tendency toover do it -- to overdo it. america is like we get it, we know that you killed bin laden. we have seen it 100 times. if you can imagine that president obama would invite the cast and the crew to white house theater and roll it over and over and over again. >> kimberly: they have throwing a big party. we were invited. >> dana: we were? that is the party? >> kimberly: that's -- [ laughter ] >> dana: that is the e-mail i deleted. >> kimberly: i know your tactics now. very interesting. they are having a big red carpet premier for this show.
11:42 pm
>> bob: how many flimsy things you got in your closet? >> kimberly: i want to say the one thing in your monologue that was factually accurate. >> bob: it cannot be a coincidence. obama in trouble in election an then put more in movie. >> bob: you think this is a coon coincidence? >> greg: not a coon dense. >> bob: the film came out on clintons, citizens united opened up the flood gate of money to political system, if you look at what that film was about the and the editing they did it was horrible. wrong. deceitful. full of lies. now, weinstein, is he doing it to help obama in the last couple days? i hope so. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: finally, the truth. i love it. >> bob: why not? if i had charge of a film released two days before the election and i could go in and get my man more prominence, i'd go in an get my man more
11:43 pm
prominence. >> greg: at least he's being honest. >> eric: you make the best point. what if this insights violenc violence -- incites violence? by the muslim radicals ticked off another victory lap for killing bin laden. >> greg: but it doesn't have to be violence for muslims. it could be violence for anybody. the idea that a film sparks violence could be anything. so if you actually go out and you set fire to weinstein's house, how is that different? how is that different? don't do that, be the way. >> eric: when is the kathryn bigelow moving coming out? >> dana: december. >> eric: she is the one the access to c.i.a. stuff. >> greg: coming up, five more political stories. that you need to know about that. is the standard tease people.
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♪ >> bob: lightning round time. five political stories we're watching today. there have been 6% of the total ballots cast already for president. and other offices in the country. and that is suspect that the republicans need to worry about, because in ohio, they have had hundreds of thousands of vote cast and the numbers are turning out to be 65 for obama, 30% for romney. >> eric: can i point something out? >> bob: sure. >> eric: that is based on a poll. >> bob: it's not based on a poll. somebody put a poll in here. this is based on the real total numbers. i read the registrar of voters. so don't talk to me about a poll. whoever put the poll in here, under my segment -- >> i am telling you -- >> kimberly: conspiracy theorists. [ overtalk ]
11:49 pm
it's based on 145 voters. >> bob: it's not based on 145 voters. whoever put that in here ought to be shot. >> kimberly: bob! don't call for violence. >> greg: website called 90 days 90 reasons features celebrities to give a reason to vote for obama. david lunch, genius director behind "twin peaks" and "blue velvet" offered his reason for voting for obama. i'll read a little. i'm going to vote for re-electing president obama. i noticed something in romney's name that speaks to what he is about. if you rearrange a few letters romney becomes r-money. i think romney wants his mitts on our money and get it and divide it up with his friends, the big money bunch. this is absolutely brilliant. lynch reflects the idiocy of the infantile celebrity mind set perfectly. who knew that david lunch was a closet conservative bent on exposing the nut cases in
11:50 pm
hollywood? well done. >> eric: who is up? >> bob: dana. >> dana: big story coming which is frankenstorm. hurricane sandy. done damage in cuba. florida will feel effects of it tomorrow. sunday, monday, tuesday, massive rain and big-time wind expected in new jersey. and new york. at least we have something to talk about. >> greg: don't drown in a puddle. >> dana: thanks. good advice. >> we teased a segment with president obama ryan and we didn't have time to get to because of the breaking news with president obama voting. >> kimberly: rivetting. >> eric: 122 days to the election. i'm talking to my mentor in life. you have to figure out what is going on with the foot stamps. president obama fancies himself as defender of the middle class and poor.
11:51 pm
when he prints $1 trillion to keep the interest rate at zero, he is transferring money from us to wealthy banks and to the wealthy traders. the poor and middle class are getting screwed in this deal. they're not helped at all. the prices are driven up? the income is driven down. strong go back to work. retirees have to go back to work. make a long story short, i wrote it up on >> bob: are you attacking your former profession? >> eric: i'm telling you this disgusting. 12 days to make a decision. this man is not what he is supposed to be. >> kimberly: can we show katy perry's dress? i support who she is wearing. obama-biden. she performs for the president again. in las vegas. this is a cute little dress she had on. i like her, i have to say. my katy perry radio on pandora. not sure i love her vote choice. >> bob: she's cute. >> kimberly: good for her to
11:52 pm
express her freedom -- >> kimberlyfreedom -- >> dana: this is the third time she has been on a lightning round this week. >> kimberly: who car -- >> bob: wear a negligee for romney. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
>> dana: time for one more thing. i'm going to go first. last sunday morning after you did "fox & friends" i had a chance to meet dalai lama. this is a photograph. i was there with folks doing radio free asia. >> greg: even he is taller than you. >> dana: i had heels on, by the way. interesting thing was so he wrote a book a while ago called the art of happiness. one thing he asked me is a book coming out from a monster that is the opposite of that. greg gutfeld's book "the joy of hate." look at these two. i can assure you people after i met his holiness the dalai lama. he is opposite of greg. but buy both books. >> greg: "joy of hate" is better than "hart of happines happiness." >> kimberly: nice. >> greg: all right, it was
11:57 pm
last night that dana perino used to be in a hand bem choir. don't know what it is. not sure i want to know. but taking the page out of donald touch's handbook, is dana releases picture of herself in the hand bell choirly donate $100 to the charity of your choice. >> dana: $100? >> greg: that is $1 million to donald trump. >> dana: i'm not that cheap. >> greg: so you are goingbe to deny $100 to a charity? >> dana: holding out for more. >> bob: you know what the bells are. >> greg: i want to see the pictures. the money can't go to jasper. >> dana: goodness. , you're next. >> bob: this is a wonderful story. the trust for elephants is doing research in kenya. and there is a -- one baby elephants was caught and drowning in this pool. they couldn't get the elephant
11:58 pm
out. they tried evening they could do. before the elephant drowned they were able to pull her out. and she gets out of there and goes running to her mother. she finds her mother across an entire desert and find her mother. there is mother and baby together. the baby is alive i'm happy to see that. >> eric: the moral of the story is elephants always -- >> bob: you had to bring politics in a nice story like that? >> kimberly: you walked in to that one. it was good. >> bob: c'mon. >> greg: nel that hole like a little -- fell in that hole like a little elephant. >> kimberly: this is interesting. remember when you were in college and they used to call you "freshman"? not at unc. they decided that is not appropriate. it's not politically correct. what are we going to change it to? freshperson? now are called lower classman. or first year. or something. which makes no sense, okay, what are you? senior, i'm a --
11:59 pm
>> dana: guess who went to unc? genie. one of our producers and best friends. she said it was ridiculous. >> bob: your friend john findly went to university of virginia and they call it first year, second year and third year. because it takes so many years to get out of school. >> kimberly: what was he? >> bob: findly did it -- he was smart. got out in four years. >> eric: i love business, i love marketing. this is one of best marketing strategies i ever heard to get the message out. gas station in jersey city rolled back prices, gas prices to the day that president obama was sworn in. $1.84-gallon. 150 cars come in. 15 gallons. think about it for a second. it did the math on it. it will cost him $3,000. look at all the attention they're getting. >> bob:ly bet you dimes to dollars you gave him the money to do that. >> dana: i have a question. would you wear that suit? >> eric: i would. >> greg: halloween. >> kimberly: are you better

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